Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Circus Circus!!

So last week we got to go to a small Circus. It was a total blast. We decided to go kinda last minute cause I didn't even know it was happening until the night before. So I asked Ben if he wanted to go, switched my work schedule, and found another couple to come with us. I wanted to do something besides the usual dinner, movie, or games, and this was perfect. It was quite expensive though being $18 for adults so I started looking for coupons. Haha yeah I'm not very good at it and all the ones online were sold out of course. So the next morning I gave it one last shot and went to Walmart. I found a Newspaper and started looking through it and guess what!! I found a coupon for the circus that night for 2 adults and 3 kids for $25! Steal of a deal right!? So I was very excited and didn't feel so guilty about spending a lot of money.

So the Circus was called the Jordan World Circus and it was just a small one at UVU. They had some difficulties when the trapeze artist dropped the guy on the first try, a dog pooped during its routine and then peed, as well as some grade A dancers Haha but overall it was still a blast! They had tigers, elephants, snakes, tight rope walkers (Which was insane!! No net to catch them if they fell!) that were jump roping on the tight rope, motorcycle tricks, magicians, and lots more. Mostly it was fun to just get out of the house and do something different. So here are some pictures =) I went with my friend Lacey and her husband Cory but I didn't get a picture with them =/ sorry!

Ben and me before the show started. 

People riding the elephants during intermission. Ben didn't want to pay to walk around in a circle he pooper ;) 

The Trapeze artists 

Girls doing crazy acts with the rope fabric.

The tight rope walkers were insane. There was no net under them while they did this stuff and they weren't tied to anything. 

Another of the tight rope walkers 

This guy ran around this thing while it was spinning and he did it blindfolded. 

Last were the elephants doing their little routine =)

Friday, January 11, 2013

First Christmas Married!!

 Well this is a little late but still I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! This year Ben and me went up to Idaho and split time with both of our families. We had a blast!! =) We drove up Sunday with Grandma Winter and the roads weren't too bad. We spent Sunday and Christmas Eve with my parents and sisters. My family then went to Rexburg really early on Christmas to spend the rest of the break with my brother Mike and sister-in-law Hayley. So then Ben and me spent the rest of the week with his family =)

 My favorite part of all was getting to talk to Trevor on Christmas Eve! It took about an hour to get through but he finally did on a payphone on some random street. He's in Mexico for those of you who don't know or forgot ;) He's serving a full time mission for the Church of Latter Day Saints and has been out for almost 7 months now. He's doing great and loves everything there besides the heat haha He says he doesn't even remember what its like to feel cold. He's doing great though and we love and miss him tons!!

We also got to talk to Trey (my brother in law) He's serving a mission in Florida and is also doing great and not minding the warm weather. We're so proud of him and miss him tons. The rest of the week included Dancing on the wii, lots of games, good food, bowling, movies, and fun times with the family. We loved every minute and wish we could have stayed longer!

Ben making chocolate covered pretzels =)

Mom and me making cookies for the neighbors 

The Christmas Tree and all the presents 

 Opening Pjs on Christmas Eve 

Ben got a gag gift for pjs cause he never wears pajamas anyways. It's always basketball shorts for him

Tradition of reading Christmas stories 

If any of you know my mom then you know she is obsessed with reading and books. So of course she went a little over board on the books for Ben haha What can you do?

 The gift we got Courtney. This face was not faked haha she was so excited. We got her a bullet which is like a mini blender. Think she liked it??

Of course Laura Beth was throwing pie ;) or just dumping it on herself haha

All our gifts from my family =) Loved everything and am so grateful! 

Josh and Lauren opening gifts Christmas morning. Michael to the left was soooo excited. He's 6 and made Christmas morning so much fun. 

Nicole with my gift to her =)

Ben with the new puppy Cooper =) 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Fun with Friends

This year we went to the Festival of Trees since Ben had never been. I love it and have been quite a few times. If you don't know what it is I'll tell you =) They do the Festival of Trees every year up in Sandy, UT. People donate mostly Christmas Trees that are all decorated and some also come with gifts and then they auction them off for donations to the Primary Childrens Hospital. There's also centerpieces, small trees, wreaths, gingerbread houses, and much more. They have a Santa and tons of things for kids to do, dancers, food, and lots of fun. The way neat thing is that everything is donated. Last year they raised over a million dollars. Its really neat and if you haven't gone I would suggest going =) Here are some pictures from this year.

 I don't know how they got the tree to stay upside down but it was so cool!
 Loved all the wreaths!!

We also got invited to be in the tradition of making Gingerbread houses with some of our friends this year. There was about 6 couples and we all got together and made gingerbread houses, ate food, and played games. It was tons of fun =) and we hope to do it in the years to come too.

It was a huge mess but tons of fun! Each couple made their own house and they all turned out way different. I wish I could have got a picture of them all when we were done but I forgot.

 Ryan chilling on the couch with the two babies =) the little girl is his and the boy is Katie's

Ben and me could only find a kit that had 4 mini gingerbread houses so we ended up ditching the directions and making our own plan. This is what we ended up with haha

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It's almost Christmas!! 15 Days and counting =) I absolutely love this time of year. I love the music, the snow, the baking, gift giving, the happiness and joy, being with family and friends, and how everyone seems to be a little more giving and nice.

So this being our first Christmas on our own we didn't have much of anything. So we went shopping to give our apartment a little Christmas Spirit =)

We searched a ton of stores looking for the perfect Christmas tree. We didn't really want to get one that was only 3 ft tall because they were about $25 at cheapest and we figured we wouldn't really use it much later. So after buying and then returning one tree after we found a better deal...we finally got this tree. It's 6ft and it was only $20!! Steal of a deal =) We bought some glass balls and our first ornament together =) We still haven't found a star we like. 

 We got some stockings and a garland. You can't really tell in this picture but the candles are white with snowflakes on them as well =) 

Some cute Christmas trees for the side table 

 Our little WINTER blocks and a snowman Ben chose out himself =)

 Ben's mom sent us a countdown for Christmas with little treats inside that we love =)

I tried my hand out at doing something crafty and made this Winter Wreath 

AND we finally got some snow!! Yay =)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Its a little late but Happy Thanksgiving!! =) I hope everyone had a good day and lots to be grateful for. This year Ben and me stayed in Utah because I  had to work. We did get to go up to Uncle Ryans (Ben's Uncle) in American Fork on Thanksgiving day. It was Uncle Ryan, Aunt Renee and their two boys with Uncle Leon and Aunt Teresa and their two kids Mason and Elise. Grandma Winter was there too and then Ben and me. Dinner was absolutely delicious =) Teresa made these rolls that were amazing and Renee made a ton of other things. Grandmas pies were also to die for. We all ate way too much of course and then sat down and watched the Blind Side. We also got to write cards for Trey and Mitchell, who are both serving missions right now.

Although we weren't able to be with our immediate siblings and parents we were so grateful to be with family. I realize how lucky and truly blessed we are every year. Although we don't have a ton of extra money we are making due and have more then many others. I'm so grateful for my job and that I am able to work while Ben is going to school. I'm thankful that Ben is in school doing his best and working hard to one day provide for our family. I'm so thankful for both of my families that I now have and the knowledge that I will be with them for eternity. I'm thankful for the gospel, our home, friends, health, and so much more. I'm so glad we have November and December to be especially grateful for everything. I love this time of year =)

Sorry I didn't get any pictures this time, but here is a good quote.

If you woke up this morning with more health than illness, you are more blessed than the million who will not survive the week.

If you have food in your refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75 percent of the world.

If you have money in the bank or in your wallet, you are among the top 80 percent of the worlds wealthy.

If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly thankful, you are blessed because the majority can, but most do not.

-Author Unknown 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

This year we didn't do that much for Halloween. I had to work and Ben had school so there wasn't much time once we were both done. We got a total of 0 trick-or-treaters and I was super sad about that. We do live on the third floor of a young student married apartment I can see why we didn't, but I still have to say I was a little disappointed. We did get a chance to go to Cornbelly's which was lots of fun, I dressed up for work, and we also carved some pumpkins.

The Salon Girls =) Peter Pan, Baby, Smarty Pants, Cat Women, and a Nerd.

 Ben and Me in the huge Rocking Chair

Racing!! Ben totally kicked my butt in this one.

 Ben and his pumpkin 

 Me with my pumpkin

We made it through the Corn Maze!! 

Our pumpkins after being carved

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A little bit about us...

So I finally caved in and since I'm married now I thought I would start a blog like everyone else and keep all my family and friends updated on my life. =) So for those of you who don't know I got married this last August to my best friend Ben Winter!

Ben and me met our Sophomore year of high school when I moved to Meridian, Idaho. We became very good friends and started dating about half way through Junior year. After high school I went to the Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School in Boise and Ben went to BYU in Provo. We had a long distance relationship for the first semester of school and then Ben went on an LDS mission to Philadelphia, PA. He served there for 2 years in which we wrote lots and lots of letters. I finished school and moved to Orem, UT and started working in a salon about a year into Ben's mission. Ben came home in December of 2011, we were engaged May of 2012, and married August 16, 2012.

 Ben is now going to school full time at BYU  and I am working full time at my salon in Orem. Ben is studying BioPhysics and is planning on going to Medical School. So thats a little bit about us to get you started ;)

 Graduating from High School 2009

Letters from the Mission 

 He Proposed!! =D

Married August 16, 2012