Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Circus Circus!!

So last week we got to go to a small Circus. It was a total blast. We decided to go kinda last minute cause I didn't even know it was happening until the night before. So I asked Ben if he wanted to go, switched my work schedule, and found another couple to come with us. I wanted to do something besides the usual dinner, movie, or games, and this was perfect. It was quite expensive though being $18 for adults so I started looking for coupons. Haha yeah I'm not very good at it and all the ones online were sold out of course. So the next morning I gave it one last shot and went to Walmart. I found a Newspaper and started looking through it and guess what!! I found a coupon for the circus that night for 2 adults and 3 kids for $25! Steal of a deal right!? So I was very excited and didn't feel so guilty about spending a lot of money.

So the Circus was called the Jordan World Circus and it was just a small one at UVU. They had some difficulties when the trapeze artist dropped the guy on the first try, a dog pooped during its routine and then peed, as well as some grade A dancers Haha but overall it was still a blast! They had tigers, elephants, snakes, tight rope walkers (Which was insane!! No net to catch them if they fell!) that were jump roping on the tight rope, motorcycle tricks, magicians, and lots more. Mostly it was fun to just get out of the house and do something different. So here are some pictures =) I went with my friend Lacey and her husband Cory but I didn't get a picture with them =/ sorry!

Ben and me before the show started. 

People riding the elephants during intermission. Ben didn't want to pay to walk around in a circle he pooper ;) 

The Trapeze artists 

Girls doing crazy acts with the rope fabric.

The tight rope walkers were insane. There was no net under them while they did this stuff and they weren't tied to anything. 

Another of the tight rope walkers 

This guy ran around this thing while it was spinning and he did it blindfolded. 

Last were the elephants doing their little routine =)

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  1. Fun. I totally would have let you take 3 of my kids with that coupon. :)